The 2nd CocoaHeads Montpellier Meetup: Still a success!


cocoaheads montpellier

Recap from the second CocoaHeads Montpellier Meetup

Following the success of the first CocoaHeads Montpellier meetup, we prepared for the second meetup to take place, per Cocoaheads tradition, on the second Thursday of the month.  

On the agenda: a presentation on Auto-Layout (presentation in French) by Mickaël Laloum, and one on reactive programming with reactive cocoa (presentation in French) by Nicolas Fontaine.

What’s coming up next?

The third CocoaHeads meetup is planned for Thursday June 9th. We welcome all Cocoaheads for three new presentations on the following topics:

  • SpriteKit by Razvan Bunea
  • IBDesignable/IBInspectable by David Yang
  • NSProgress by Philippe Bernery

To learn more about the Montpellier CocoaHeads meetups and to subscribe, check out the official Meetup page (in French).  
Stay tuned for the next recap!