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Florine - Art Director

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”
Antoine de Saint Exupéry

About the Creative Studio

Our center of creativity, the Creative Studio’s designers are an essential component at Backelite in creating impactful digital services. A good UI design and a good UX go hand in hand, and this pairing is key in transforming good services into great, unforgettable ones. Our designers work closely with UX consultants, developers and our clients to find the balance between design, functionality, ergonomics and technology.

About Florine

With a degree in interactive media, Florine worked for 6 years in digital communication agencies before joining the Creative Studio at Backelite. Two years after having started as a Senior Art Director, she moved up to Team Manager. Florine likes to experiment and challenge ideas in order to find the best concept that is in line with users’ expectations and needs. Going even further in the creative process, Florine regularly participates in workshops to work hand in hand with clients.

1) What is your educational background?

I started with a technical degree in Model Making and Design, which allowed me to explore different domains such as: layout, color, typography and photography. I then focused on the digital aspects with a higher technical degree in Visual Communication, then a vocational degree in Interactive Media.

2) How did you start your career?

I started as an Art Director in a digital agency, where I worked on a wide variety of projects, from banner campaigns to websites for events and e-commerce, including Facebook games and visual identity. I was introduced to the world of mobile interfaces by creating Responsive Web Design sites. While working on a project combining a website and a tablet application, I discovered the many opportunities inherent in mobile user experience. Tablets require you to really think about the service being offered to users before thinking about the interface. It’s also essential to create modular interface designs available at all finger contact points to guarantee coherence graphically. This all led me to join Backelite!

3) What kinds of projects are you working on?

I’m currently working on interface design in order to create easy-to-use services and integrate a creative aspect to reflect the brand’s image. My projects range from Responsive Web Design to “Tablet First” sites to mobile and tablet applications. I always work with one other UX designer or developer because every project is the result of a lot of co-creation, from the idea to the graphic models, including the ergonomics, animation, prototyping, cutaways and the graphic formula. This collaboration just as true internally as it is witch clients and the future users.

4) Which skills and qualities are necessary to do your job?

As a UI designer, you of course need to be highly aware of the hierarchy of information, colors, typography as well as good knowledge of OS guidelines. The goal is to find the right formula so that the brand’s world is present without the user realizing it. The interface must be as discreet as possible.

I’d say that the second most important quality is to be passionate, with a strong desire to create an interface for users rather than for yourself. This isn’t always easy! You need to make sure you are creating a design that isn’t just beautiful, but is above all useful and useable. To do this, you need to perform tests, explore several paths, not stick to your initial idea and then prototype and test out these different paths with users. You need to remain very open, accept criticism and know how to question yourself while remaining true to your convictions.

5) What’s a typical day for you?

Every day is different, but in the morning, I usually start with a DSM (Daily Stand-up Meeting) with the design team. I then take part in a sketching workshop, probably a 6-to-1 (my personal favorite). For lunch, I usually grab some Thai food, then if possible, I come back to the agency to attend an “Ergo-Lunch” or a “BKSchool” session, which are open and informal discussions that are organized by various teams about various subjects (best practices in UX/UI, new features in the OS, etc.).

The afternoon is filled with exploring different graphic paths and discussions with other Art Directors, UX consultants and developers. Finally in the evening, I put my creations on Invision to send them to the client or to make a small prototype that I can present in person the next day.

6) What would be your superhero name?

Since you need to be curious, have an abundant imagination, try new things by exploring new worlds, always be on time for “DSMs” and “tea times”, and finally, agree to constantly be surrounded by people who are (sometimes) completely crazy, I would call myself “Alice in Creativeland”.

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