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Soizic - UX Consultant

“A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.”
Martin LeBlanc

About the UX Team

The heart of Digital Service Design at Backelite, the user experience (UX) Team helps identify, prioritize and test users’ needs in creating a new service. We believe that impactful, unforgettable digital services must be centered around the user. The UX consultant works with a variety of tools to get to know users, including: software (Axure, Marvel, Invision), design sprints, hackathons, workshops and user tests. As user experience is at the heart of our creative and conception process, UX consultants work closely with art directors, developpers, clients and users to find the best harmony between design, fonctionality, ergonoimcs and technology.

About Soizic

A graduate of IESEG Lille with a Master’s in Management, Soizic joined France Télévisions as digital project head before joining the UX Consulting team at Backelite. Attracted by the collaborative and creative sides of UX design, she loves to create digital services by proposing processes which align with the expectations and needs of users. Having passed through Backelite in 2010 for an internship, she returned to the UX team to work on strategy and UX projects with clients alongside developers, art directors and clients. She conducts co-conception and ideation workshops with clients and end users and likes to check the decisions made by testing them with users. Since early 2015, Soizic has been interested in applying the Lean UX methodology and leads the expertise within the consulting team.

1) What is your educational background?

I studied at the IESEG School of Management, a 5 year business school, during which I learned about management and marketing, among other things. My studies were punctuated by various experiences abroad. I have no technical training in User eXperience– I did not learn this process during my studies, but rather in the course of my professional experience.

2) How did you start your career?

I started with an internship at Backelite in 2010. At the time, I worked on two projects: I assisted the sales management as well as the project teams. There was no UX team to speak of, but we were already working on mobile concept projects. I then joined a French television group where I perfected my web experience in particular. We already had a co-creative approach, but not really any associated methodology. In the end, I came back to Backelite to pick up again in a conceptual role, less focused on project management.

3) What kinds of projects are you working on?

I have several! Currently, I am working on a consulting project to define strategy in various channels. Customer support on interface building, implementing the brand identity, etc. which is a very long-term project!

I also work closely paired with an Art Director directly at the client’s office. Together, we have a user-focused process with a lot of co-creation, iterations and user tests. The goal is to bring this user-centered approach to our clients. We also bring them our UX (User eXperience) methodology. We had an upstream role on these projects where we work with the client in order to define the services and to create new interfaces together.

Which skills and qualities are necessary to do your job?

You need to be a good listener and ask the right questions, because you never work with certainties.  You must also be very familiar with the different channels, because they are all different, and you need to know how to adapt to each one. Finally, it’s important to also have a good ability to make supportive arguments to be able to defend one’s ergonomic choices.

5) What’s a typical day for you?

No two days are alike! I prepare upcoming workshops by creating benchmarks and imagining the games we will be able to create with our clients. I shape what we create on the basis of zonings to later create wireframes. I also work closely with an Art Director on a daily basis to think about and conceive the wireframes before they are adapted into graphic mockups. My role therefore consists of a lot of exchanges and sharing both internally and with our clients! In order to keep improving, we need to question ourselves repeatedly.

6) Which super hero best represents UX consultants?

A UX consultant has a diplomatic side and doesn’t move toward conflict, negotiating and gathering people. In light of this, I would say it’s Nick Fury in the Avengers! It’s he who, when he learns that the world is on the verge of destruction, unites all of the most powerful beings on the planet to form a super team and save the world 🙂

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